The best bass clarinet getting better!

I have been playing Selmer bass clarinets since 1972 and I find them superior to all other brands.
To my way of playing and my preferences of sound, neither Yamaha, Buffet Prestige or Tosca could outperform Selmer. (I am also a big fan of Buffet and play A and Bb Tosca).
7 years ago I bought a new Selmer Privilege and last week it needed some small adjustments.
I got it back and it felt even better then all the new ones of all brands that I have tried the last years.


And than I heard of the new Buffet Icon neck.
Today I tried one which had been modified by the bass clarinet sorcerer
Eric Leclerc for use on a Selmer Privilege.
I was a little wary, but thought I would give it a chance since I am always curios on new gear and improvements.
But what a difference it made!
More compact, more punch and more warmth and roundness in all registers.
The best got even better!
So I left
Joars Musikkservice, the bass clarinet capital of the world, with a slimmer bank account, but with great satisfaction looking forward to more years with improved joy of playing.

And what a beautiful piece of jewelery!


Jealousy allowed! … or visit Joars Musikkservice.