My new Uebel Zenit clarinets.

Uebel-Artist: 20220418-TB Zenit-Z7A_3449.

Some weeks ago, I was introdused for the Uebel Zenit clarinets.

I have always been interested in trying different brands and models, both for my own use, and for guiding students and other clarinet players when they ask for my advice.
When I first tried a Zenit, it was the beauty of the sound that immediately struck me.
The keywork was also smooth and precise and felt more natural to my fingers, though I will need some time to fully adapt to it.
But how would the sound and intonation be in a bigger hall, and how would it blend with the other woodwinds?
After having played the Zenit in 3 different symphony orchestras over 2 weeks, I was convinced that these are the instrument I want to play.

B/A clarinet Zenit

The Zenit, with its beautiful, lush and resonant tone, combines depth of sound and power with a sweetness and flexibility that is simply mesmerizing. Its sophisticated intonation, facile key work and aesthetic beauty, are simply attributes that make Zenit the pinnacle of artistic expression. F. Arthur Uebel recognizes that artistic freedom and personality are essential for the discerning musician. The Zenit and Romanza models offer two unique barrel styles that invite color exploration. Traditional– the regular barrel showcases the standard artistic features expected of all F. Arthur Uebel clarinets, clarity, flexibility and a singing quality. Thick barrel – designed for the player that wishes to have a more robust, powerful and deep tone, without sacrificing response.

Bass clarinet Emperior
The Emperior bass clarinet has a tone that is broad and generous. Its great flexibility provides with ease a resonant tone with graceful gentleness or majestic power. The elegant and refined key work has the cultivated beauty for which Uebel clarinets are recognized.

Mine Uebelklarinetter IMG_4120My clarinets!

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